Time to Start

Thanks to the very many (mostly British and Australian) podcasters, journals, journal editors, conference speakers, and sports science researchers who have kept me company week after week, month after month since London 2012, fueling my passion to know more and be better. I am a chiropractor who is not ashamed to say (with many of my chiropractic colleagues who are board certified in chiropractic sports medicine and carry diplomate status — the DACBSP® credential) that my approach to practice aligns more with the discipline of sports physiotherapy as practiced internationally than with the stereotyped, purist manual-therapy-only/adjust-only practice of chiropractic.  Exercise IS medicine. Biomechanics matter. Cracking joints is not a panacea, and is many times contraindicated in athletic injury management.

Further, my experience around Olympic sports since the late 1990’s taught me that professional degree is secondary.  The athlete’s needs are primary. In America we check our professional degree at the door, roll up our sleeves and get busy.  Egos and know-it-alls don’t survive and aren’t invited back. Everybody learns from everybody.  Performance matters most, whatever it takes.  So the “we-they” aspect of physio vs. DC vs. MD vs. ATC vs. CSCS boils down to personal pride.  And no profession has the corner on incompetence.  We each have sour apples: colleagues who embarrass with their fixation on one particular theory, gimmick or technique. They’ll always be with us, and putting them in their place will not be my purpose here.

It is simply time for me to start blogging.  Time to encourage and challenge my own profession to get off our collective duff and get moving. Time to expand lines of communication and collegial debate within my profession and between the talented disciplines we work with, often side by side, at sporting events and competitions worldwide, for the benefit of the athletes we serve.

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