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Why is Usain Bolt’s Foot Higher Off the Ground?

I have questions. Studying provides answers.

Somewhere during the course of my professional education as a chiropractor I became addicted to learning. The first manifestation of this was taking an extra year of training in a medical hospital, I suppose.  Then three more years in the postgraduate chiropractic sports medicine certification offered by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.  Perhaps, then, it is not so strange that I love to study stuff.  And in-depth studying creates an urge to teach.  (But not until I really know it!)

It’s a weird thing, but I have a theory.  My need to teach is so that I can make sure on the outside (I’m an extrovert) that “I truly know it” on the inside.  As the adages goes, if you know it well enough to teach it, you know it.  One’s level of mastery of a particular topic may be tested (and subsequently perfected?) by one’s ability to transfer knowledge to others such that they can teach others also.

The Purpose

Technology has created a knowledge explosion and the means to propagate knowledge instantly and virally. Perhaps there are some drawbacks to progress like this.  However, clinical expertise and better patient outcomes only stand to improve when doctors stay current and keep learning.  From where I sit other health professions are harnessing technology-based learning channels better than chiropractors.  My profession is lagging behind.  And chiropractic sports medicine as a bona fide, accredited specialty is no exception.  This blog is an attempt to contribute to the solution and perhaps set a precedent for others in chiropractic medicine.

Our Topic

This blog hovers around sports and exercise medicine in all aspects.  The content overlaps with podcasts you can link to from this site.

What Am I Selling?

Nada, baby. Nada. No sponsors. No charge.


No doubt. But none from “industry.” This is a blog.  Hopefully a really nifty, helpful blog.  But this is not a professional online journal.

So What’s Up With Usain Bolt’s Right Foot?

That’s the point:  it’s “up.” His very first stride is longer.  Explosive strength of his right hip flexor, getting those long, lanky legs out there!  His legs, longer levers than his competitors’ legs, require as much or more power to move.  This starting moment, at the 2012 London Olympic Games 100 meter sprint final, tells that Usain Bolt “won” the start.  And then he finished the remaining 99 meters well!

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